Rock n' Roll Time Machine

by The Mother Z's

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The Z's ride again!


released September 22, 2015

Becca Palmer - Vocals, Percussion
Andrew Palmer - Vocals, Guitar
Rick Riggs - Recording magic



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The Mother Z's Chicago, Illinois

Bro/Sis, Rock/Roll.

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Track Name: Rock n' Roll Time Machine
Well I've known it all along that all I've ever wanted
was to play it in a rock n' roll band
But I had to go to college, I had to get a job
now the kids listen to music I don't understand

So I built a machine, gonna go back and do it again...

I'm going back in time to 1959,
gonna play it at the high school dance
All the kids are gonna dig it and when we make it big
even Elvis gonna wanna shake my hand

But I'll spit in his face just to put him in his place, oh yeah
I'll be livin' my dream - black and white TV screen - again

We're gonna do do do do do it again
In my rock n' roll time machine, my friend
Track Name: Low Point
I got a faded stamp on my hand from the bar where we saw that band
And we danced real slow that was three days ago, oh yeah
It was a chance circumstance, but I don't think I'd call it fate
I'm always ordering an entrée when I should just get the sample plate

Oh, "let's go out to dinner let's go to a movie show"
Well, it's the middle of winter, now baby, there's nowhere to go
Now, somebody help me, no this just ain't healhy or wise
I'm not lookin' for love, I'm just lookin' for a compromise
... with pretty eyes
... and a side of fries
Track Name: Ladybug
Do you wanna hear about it baby?
Do you wanna hear about it too?
Do you wanna hear about it baby?
-- you know you do!

(oo oo oo)
Yeah I swear it's true
(oo oo oo)
Yeah it's sad but it's true...

Black and yellow like a bee
"Oh, honey, what's the buzz?"
And she pretended to be sweet
Like a sweet little ladybug

And I keep fallin' for the same thing
And I keep tryin' to keep my cool
But every time I get a pretty little beesting
I know I'm just a fool

And she says "Hi!" like she don't bite
And she smiles like it's alright and she wouldn't hurt a fly
And I know it's a lie
Oh but I don't mind
Track Name: Glitter & Glue
I got a dime for my loose tooth
I drank fine wine and tried vermouth
I filled my sails and I emptied my brain
I guess you'd probably call that insane

She told me that she loved me
And I guess I must have told her the same

But I spent my dime on time in a phone booth
I told a little white lie about trying vermouth
Like a caboose, I'm used to danglin' behind a train
You never see my face, but hey, you know my name!

Well I may be last but I'm movin' fast
Toward greener pastures, fortune and fame

And like a kid in school with glitter and glue,
I'll make something great
... yeah just you wait

Well you can bet your boots and even your tennis shoes
I thought we'd stick like glitter and glue
So this ain't just a song about being used
Yeah it's a song about using too

Oh what's the use of all this pretty paste,
Paper plates and macaroni dipped in paint?
Oh what the hell did we think we could make?
I guess this is a song about mistakes...

Well, she don't care about me
and I don't care about her -- it's a shame!

Oh she don't care about me
and I don't care about her -- what a waste

Oh she don't care about me
and I don't care about her.... ok.
Track Name: Blues #2
Well it's a cold, cold night outside and I don't know when
I'm ever gonna see that bright sunshine again
Oh and if I'm going crazy, I'm going way too slow
and If you're calling, it's quieter than falling snow

Well it's a dark, dark day outside and I'm sleeping in
And if I wake, I pray to fall asleep again
Oh and I can't say that it's shocking that you don't seem to care
You're not gonna hear a goddamn peep out of me this year

Cuz it's all over now
and I kept knocking, but you just kept locking me out

Yeah it's all over now
It's over now
It's over now