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by The Mother Z's

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Mick Warm hearted, fuzzy twee to melt the core of those Mid-western winter blues. They were an underrated, underappreciated act, that's for sure. Favorite track: Sweater Weather.
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released February 8, 2014



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The Mother Z's Chicago, Illinois

Bro/Sis, Rock/Roll.

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Track Name: Straight Up, Bleach!
Oh baby
I don't need you
I can be mean too when I mean to

Oh honey
If you leave me alone
Well, I won't be pleased but I'll never be caught
down on my knees for anyone
I'm not gonna plead with you
I believe in sticking to your guns

But I had a vision
of you and me in the kitchen
Yeah I had a vision
we were kissing, doing dishes, reminiscing about the past

And I wish I could go missing in that bliss
and make the memory last
Cuz I've got a laundry list of stupid shit I wanna do with you like that

And I'm pissed it's gotta be like this
But if you think you can lead me down this dead end track

Then baby I quit
Go fish and try to find yourself another match

And oh your love is so unstable!
I only want to meet your sweet demands
But let's just lay it on the table:
if it were that easy, you could easily already have a man

Sometimes I wish you were evil
and you couldn't feel anything if you tried

If you and the devil had a deal
then the way you treat me would at least be justified

Oh and I could call the preacher
and have the demon excorcised

Oh and if he couldn't reach ya
I'd be satisfied to sympathize

With that look in your eyes
that says you're dead inside

oh but you're too cool to cry
and time's been unkind
I know there's a reason and I want to know why

You gotta hide your love outta sight
you must be out of your mind

.. to think I could be with you,
I must be losing mine
Track Name: Sweater Weather
All the leaves are gonna fall
Baby, it's alright
I hope I look as beautiful right before I die
Yeah the summer's gone
but we'll still whistle at the stars swimming in the sky

Mom will take us to the mall and buy us new clothes
Or she could give us our allowance and we'll go on our own
Cuz sweater weather's just around the corner
but we'll still whistle at the stars swimming in the sky

Tonight the trees
get on their knees
and beg you "please, baby, please..

Baby smile" there's chamomile in your tea
But now there's too much family in your family tree
Well we're shaking in our shoes
But we're shaking the blues like it's a falling leaf
Yeah you and me

Tonight the trees
get on their knees
and beg you "please baby please...
Dance with me"
Dance with me
Track Name: Wild Horses
I woke up to the sound of leaving
and spent a long time trying to figure out
Just exactly what happened to the evening
She must have shown up when I'd already passed out

I wish I could move in a similar rhythm:
No more falling in love
No more singing along to another one
I'm done!

Wild horses take me home
Wild horses take me home
Wild horses take me home
Come on and take me home
Track Name: Invisible
Whatever you want baby
I'm easy
I just need someone to make me feel at home

I'm up with the dawn
So long!
I'm gone till the evening

And I feel a sudden aching in my soul
I just need someone to make me feel at home
Cuz I keep leaving, so glad to be alone

Same old haunts
Same old rain
Drunk and fumbling for my keys by the moonlit door

I don't want to live or love in vain
But I wonder, "why change anything at all?"
I keep reading all the writing on the wall

And there's so much I remember
But I can't recall
A time when I didn't feel so invisible
Track Name: Believe In Ghosts
Saying you believe in me
Is saying you believe in ghosts
And after last Halloween
It's obvious to me you don't

I don't either
But I'm a believer in my soul
From my head to my toes

Evaporate into steam
When I walk out the door
You see me walking down the street:
An invisible man in a hat and a coat

I'm haunted
by feeling unwanted
by feeling unsure
and coming up short

And your eyes open wide
You're turning white
Oh try to be more polite!

I pay no mind
I take it in stride
Cuz I'll send chills down your spine
One step at a time
... All in good time
Track Name: Elevator
Baby don't you lie to me, I got it all on video
you're in the elevator and you're whistling the songs you know

Did you think I'd never find you out?
Oh yeah my baby's in perpetual pout now

Well I see your face I'm up on stage it's all upon a Saturday night
I used to hide behind the drum set and 3 other nervous guys
But that was back in high school when I used to wear my hair in spikes
"Rebel against society - oh, mommy can you give me a ride?"

Oh honey you don't wanna be like that
Lord knows you ain't got it that bad

Rock and roll, it ain't got no soul no more, ya know? (for sure!)
I hope you still come to my show though
Track Name: Dead Weight
You're moving to Boston
And it's costing you your soul
But somebody's lost in
your cloud of smoke and it's taken it's toll

And I know that you're gonna come crawlin' back one day
and I know that you don't understand a word I say
But, what I don't know is how you ever became this way
And every time I see you, you've lost a little more weight
Oh great!

And it's the same old story all over again
I know I'll see you around every now and then
I'll wear camoflauge so I'll blend into the background
you say "See you later baby" -- oh gimmie a break!
I wouldn't even date you for a chocolate shake
you say you'll change your ways and the decisions you make
... and then you take a cigarette break
Track Name: Buttercup
Oh these are just a few things that'll make me shudder:
the sound of someone eating or the smell of wet butter
And now you're stirring macaroni and cheese
And that's the last thing I need
Because I'm queezy as it is and that don't help in the least

And I'm beggin' you Jennifer, Please don't leave me!
Cuz if you do, then who will feed me?
It makes me sick how quick I join the list of all shit that makes me uneasy
But you're butterin' me up, and buttercup, I eat it up, believe me

Oh when I'm dancin' on the floor, oh yeah, it feels like I'm dreamin'
(Well i'm pretty sure it's alcohol, that feelin' you're feelin')
And now you're churnin the butter baby and that's just driving me crazy
I can't believe how sick your sweets can make me
Track Name: Spider's Blues
The Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the water spout
He was doing fine until the rain came and washed him out
Well out came the sun and it dried up the rain
Yeah, Spider stood tall on his own eight legs

I sat on down next to Little Miss Muffet
She was looking kinda cold but I decided to tough it out
I said "hey baby how about a little kiss?
I wrote a little song for you and it goes a little something like this:

I got 8 arms to hold you
you got 2 ruby lips
and those eyes....
well my, oh my!
do they bite, my little miss?"

Now listen honey don't you walk away from me
I keep my heart and home on a string
I wanna cover you in a white vail,
Smother you in white sheets
And you can ask that water spout,
No I don't give up that easy

And if you manage to escape - well that's ok!
I'll never learn to crawl
No, I don't wanna fall in love at all
Track Name: Home at Last
Snow is falling
oh my darling, oh!
and it filling gardens,
yards and even roads
And I'm just trying
to find my way back home
Home to Chicago

I'm leaving, leaving, leaving
Leaving tomorrow
I'm leaving, leaving, leaving
Christmas eve
And I'm hoping hoping hoping
Hoping tomorrow
Is good to me

Now Mary when I see you
I'll squeeze you tight
With all of the excitement
of a Saturday night
Now Mary don't you know
I'll hold you close
Cuz I miss you the most

Now Mary Mary Mary
Don't you worry
Now Mary where we were
is in the past
Now Mary I will wake up
Bright and early
and I'll be home at last
Track Name: Lonely Chicago Pie
Lord I'm going out
Don't let me die
It's Friday night
And I feel alive

Lord I'm staying in
to win it all by an electric slide
the moon is smiling wide
All night

Registers are ringing tiny bells
Oh Lord I feel so hard to spell
Lord, I feel like my heart's gonna stop
and start snowing

My lungs swell
I hum to myself
The ocean in a shell
Oh well